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Jill, Duchess of Hamilton
Photograph by
Patrick Douglas-Hamilton

Jill, Duchess of Hamilton

Her Latest Articles

  • The man who put purgatory on the map - June 17, 2011 
    A N Wilson suggests that purgatory only became part of Church doctrine in 1274

  • guardian.co.uk - February 8, 2011
    Pentecostals are quietly thriving in Jerusalem

  • guardian.co.uk - February 3, 2011
    When sharing faith means sharing germs


  • The Catholic Herald - November 19, 2010
    Prayers in ancient holy places have become a lively part of the Middle East economy


  • guardian.co.uk - November 12, 2010
    Pilgrims fill Jerusalem's streets


Her Books

 New updated edition

God, Guns & Israel - 3rd edition

Updated third edition £12.99

Includes new material analysing the current political situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories and relates the impact of religious Jewish nationalism on the West Bank and Gaza 1968-2009.

Relevant for anyone wanting to understand the present situation of the conflict in the Middle East

Read the prologue of God, Guns & Israel
The British, the First World War and the Jews in the Holy Land 

Native Trees and Shrubs

This, the first full-length book on gardening with British native trees and shrubs, coincides with the fortieth anniversary of the Rev. William Keble Martin’s Concise Flora of the British Isles in Colour.

Local native plants are the unsung heroes of any landscape. As the world becomes more and more homogenous, place names, dialects, food, architecture, and, most importantly, regional distinctiveness and the plants indigenous to an area, become more important. All reinforce the local identity of an area and the traditional character of the British landscape. Local trees especially convey a sense of place; are often a source of communal pride; they link gardens and countryside, and they let wildlife co-exist with people.

Because they have evolved in certain areas over time and adapted to local conditions, local plants have the added attraction of being generally easy to grow, and are, therefore, suited to local soil and temperature profiles. 

Read the introduction and preface of Native Trees and Shrubs

God, Guns & Israel - hard-cover release


The roots of the present conflict in the Middle East can be traced back to the very foundation of the Jewish Homeland in the First World War. God, Guns and Israel weaves two threads together, the military advance and the influences of Protestant Nonconformism and the Old Testament on the founding of the modern state of Israel. 

God, Guns & Israel - paperback release

Issued in paperback on 6 December, 2005

God, Guns & Israel - Italian paperback release

Printed in Italian 2006


The long-held Jewish dream of a homeland became a reality due to a remarkable military, political and theological confluence. For both Jews and Arabs there was a sense of betrayal as Western powers sliced up the Middle East, each pursuing its own policy. From today's perspective these decisions are overshadowed by suicide bombers and encroaching settlers. Jill Hamilton opens a new perspective on the ideals and realities of those who sought an answer to the more than thousand year old question of Jewish national identity. The Bible, the army and the secret service all had a role.

Read the prologue of God, Guns & Israel
The British, the First World War and the Jews in the Holy Land 

Thomas Cook

(Sutton £20)

Tourism is now the world’s largest industry. Little, though, is generally known about its pioneer, Thomas Cook, the man who revolutionized travel, invented package holidays and brought mobility to the masses. The sex, alcohol, over-spending, indolent leisure and extravagance that are now so happily associated with much of the holiday industry would have horrified him. 

Few people know of his pre-occupation with God, the East Midlands and the Holy Land, his determination to improve the lot of the working classes or his abhorrence of beer houses, pubs and gin palaces.  In the nineteenth century, no priest, no minister, in any country, did more than this diminutive former preacher to shape both Evangelical contact and Protestant attitudes to Palestine. 

Read the preview and chapter one of Thomas Cook the Holiday King


   These publications are listed under earlier releases

The Gardens of William Morris  
(published 1998 in UK,
also in US,  Germany & Japan)  

The Gardens of William Morris   The Gardens of William Morris   The Gardens of William Morris

Beautifully presented book showing the world of William Morris and his adherence to the principles of a simpler Medieval past. The flowers he preferred are shown and his use of them in his textile designs. The scenery, his houses, gardens and business premises are all included.

 eBooks to download and read (Out of Print)




Native Trees and Shrubs   God, Guns & Israel - 3rd edition God, Guns & Israel God, Guns & Israel - paperback release God, Guns & Israel - Italian paperback release
Thomas Cook
Redoutes Flowers

 From Gallipoli to Gaza
First to Damascus
Scottish Plants for Scottish Gardens
English Plants for your Garden
Marengo - The Myth of Napoleon's Horse
Napoleon, the Empress & the Artist 
The Flower Chain
The Gardens of William Morris 
The Gardens of William Morris
The Gardens of William Morris 
The Captain Cook Myth
Lizard Island
God, Guns & Israel - Italian paperback release


   These fine books are available from better bookshops
and on-line in the UK, USA and Australia

Recent releases


  • From Gallipoli to Gaza The Desert Poets of World War One

  • First to Damascus
    The Story of the Australian Light Horse and Lawrence of Arabia (now in third reprinting since publication in March 2002)


   Also available


   Out of print 

     published under maiden
     name Jillian Robertson 
     prior to 1980

These pages highlight the author and her books including abstracts, the story behind the stories, publishing details and where these books are available.



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